Enough Is Enough

Enough is Enough

About Us

All of Us or None is a national organizing initiative
started by formerly-incarcerated people to fight against
discrimination faced after release and to fight for the human rights of prisoners.
We are determined to win full restoration of our civil and human rights
after release from prison. Our goal is to build political power
in the communities most affected by mass incarceration and the growth
of the Prison Industrial Complex.

The emergence of All of Us or None is a concrete manifestation
of the people most affected by an issue building a movement to combat it.
Because the membership of All of Us or None is predominantly people of color,
our emergence as a leading organization in the white-dominated criminal justice/anti-prison
movement has a concrete impact on this movement.

We’re committed to organizing formerly-incarcerated people to build a
movement in Oakland, by working in coalition with other community groups
and organizing campaigns, such as Ban the Box and Clean Slate. We have been
very visible in both campaigns in Oakland, doing public education about the
issue through circulating petitions, public speakouts, and involving the community
in making demands of the Mayor and City government. We have expanded the original
Safer Oakland coalition by organizing other endorsers and activist sponsors.
We are also focusing on implementation of other parts of the Plan, such as
opposing immigration raids and the expansion of the Oakland police force.
Because we are comprised of people who have been in prison, our voice
in the criminal justice and anti-prison movement is essential and respected.
Our active participation in the Oakland One Table and comprehensive reentry
planning, has been essential to highlighting the real needs of people
coming back to Oakland and Alameda County after prison.

Beyond Oakland, we’re working in communities statewide and nationally.
We use our coherent program as a tool to organize other criminal justice
advocacy groups to support our campaigns. We are actively building a national
network of formerly-incarcerated activists and organizers, with a goal of
creating consensus on some national campaigns that we can move forward collectively.